The department got Capra through K-9 for Cops … agencies to hook them up with working dogs. The organization approached the department and then-Chief Harold Medlock gave the OK, Napieralski said. Police paid nothing for Capra. Napieralski then drove … Link.

Goal: Help ensure that an officer who allegedly allowed his K-9 partner to die in a police cruiser is punished if found guilty of negligence and that department policies and training be reviewed. A police dog was recently found dead inside a cruiser after … Link.

“Roby was a strong working dog, a loyal partner to Officer Ancheta and guardian … 3K2, you are clear to secure.” But the Glendora Police Department’s K-9 program lives on, with K-9 Bo and handler Officer Scott Salvage. The department announced … Link.

“This seminar was training for K9 police officers and is a once-a-year seminar for the dogs,” Holcomb said. “There are guys here today from Attica, Clinton, Vermillion County, Ashley … and we’ve had them from all over the country.” Present … Link.

Officer Coniglio was managing traffic early Saturday morning at the intersection of Leland Way and Meadow Lane when he heard a truck barrelling toward him and his patrol car, which housed his police dog named K-9, according to police. Coniglio immediately … Link.