No more K9’s for one Williamson County Sheriff’s Office sergeant. It’s after Sgt. Randy Batten’s recent handling of the animals. In July a K9 named Drago was taken away from Batten. A supervisor found Drago with ticks and skin sores while Batten was away … Link.

Two new police dogs will soon be training to join the Loveland Police Department. The dogs, Jojo and Pako, were recently selected to join the department’s K-9 Unit, Loveland police said in a media release. Jojo, an 18-month old female yellow Labrador … Link.

“Typically we like to start our dogs from puppy up,” said King … And Trexx can run, bite and hold. Highland Park police established a GoFundMe page to help obtain a K9 body armor vest and K9 patrol expenses. CLICK HERE to donate and anyone seeking … Link.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office will purchase a new police dog with about $17,000 collected through multiple … The sheriff’s office will use its half to purchase a new K9, Kelly said, because the previous one has retired. He plans to post the … Link.

(WISH ) – The Plainfield Police Department is looking to replace one of it’s K9 officers after they had to put one of … “Even though its a dog, it’s a working dog and works with the officer so we consider him as part of the police department … Link.

PHOTO: The Cape Coral Police Department K9 Unit, Special Operations Lieutenant along with Chief … “Police K-9 are the pro-athletes of the dog world,” Lieutenant Coston said. “Keeping our K-9 partners in top form requires daily training and agility … Link.

“The village of Hartville is getting a nice dog and it’s going to do a lot of good work here,” said Canton Police Officer Eric Stanbro, head trainer of the K9 Police Association. Stanbro praised Bill and Worthy’s training work, noting that it was clear … Link.

GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — A Williamson County sergeant who lost one K9 and had another that was found with fleas, ticks, and sores is now no longer allowed to have police dogs in his care. Williamson County Sheriff James Wilson will decide if any … Link.