The arrival of the 16-month-old German shepherd marks the restart of the department’s canine program, which former Police Chief James Candee suspended. Easton hasn’t had a service dog program since K-9 Chase retired in 2013 after 10 years of service … Link.

An officer with the K9 unit attended the scene and the driver tried to flee on foot. The police dog caught the man, who was taken into custody after he allegedly tried to resist arrest. The man was taken to the hospital for treatment for a dog bite before … Link.

Police returned fire and the vehicle was forced to stop. The driver and passenger in the cab surrendered. The two suspects sitting in the back, jumped off and fled into bushes on the side of the road. However Zeus, a patrol dog form Umzinto K9 Unit was … Link.

… signed state law will help police K-9 units on duty after they have to use force to apprehend a suspect. Governor Scott Walker signed legislation last week in Green Bay that eases a requirement that police dogs that bit a person have to be quarantined … Link.