The suspect, 21-year-old Jesse Adame of Pleasant Hill, smashed into two cars, before he was sniffed out by a Concord police K-9 unit, and arrested by officers … who caught him with the help of a police dog. The incident began when a police dispatcher … Link.

Puppies will take over Troll Beach, 401 Mandt Pwky., Saturday, Aug. 26, for the third annual Stoughton Police Department K-9 dog-swim fundraiser. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., the beach will be open for dogs to swim, play, exercise and interact with other dogs. Link.

This was Perry’s second stint as the Londonderry Police K9 officer; his partner … There has been some talk about having the new dog trained in sniffing out explosive devices to help out at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, though nothing has … Link.

A Southaven police dog has died after it was left in an officer’s hot car. Southaven Police Chief Mark Little said the car was turned off and did not have the safety equipment installed to prevent the situation from happening. Gunner, a 6-year-old mixed … Link.

“Anything that we would need to cool the dogs down or first aid care just like we would have for any other officer that got injured on the job,” said Panama City Beach Police K9 Coordinator, Justin Meeks. Thursday morning, multiple law enforcement agencies … Link.

MODESTO — The Modesto Police Department confirmed Thursday that one of its officers was bitten by one of its K-9 dogs Monday. Police say the incident happened while officers responded to an armed man who had barricaded himself in a convenience store at … Link.

The Lompoc Police Department celebrated the retirement of one of their own Thursday afternoon. Police K-9 Hank is retiring after seven years on the force. Dog treats, cupcakes and decorations were brought as part of a retirement potluck put on by the … Link.