On Tuesday, the police service posted an image of Recon, a new dog that will be working as part of the canine unit. Recon has completed his K9 training and will be on patrol with partner Const. Greg Major, the service announced. The service’s Canine Unit … Link.

The vehicle holds a climate-control kennel that will automatically activate a cooling mechanism when the temperature rises to an uncomfortable degree for the dogs. Officers will … $31,000 to the Cranston Police Department K9 Unit on Tuesday morning. Link.

ALEXANDRIA, VA — The Alexandria Police Department is mourning the loss of retired K9 “Titan.” The dog, who served eight years on the police force, was remembered on the department’s Facebook page Tuesday: The Alexandria Police Department and the … Link.

“It was a tough competition for Bobi, he was one of the oldest dogs there and he performed terrifically.” K-9 Supervisor Sgt. Seth O’Brien said, “Dogali and K9 Bobi represented the Stamford police department in impressive fashion and we couldn’t be … Link.