Does your dog exhibit aggressive behaviour towards people or other dogs and animals? Dog aggression is one of the most difficult things to deal with and should only be done by a professional. Dogs exhibit aggressive behaviour for lots of reasons.

Spartacus also is certified a full patrol dog by the North American Police Work Dog Association. Clad in his new vest, Spartacus tussles with Officer Ashley Bailey, Baldwin’s assistant trainer and the newest officer on the force. “Dogs don’t realize … Read more.

“As he walked by the back passenger door of my patrol vehicle … causing the dog to be deployed.” Smith said he arrested Giovanni Anthony Vigil, 20, of Houston, on two class A misdemeanors — evading arrest and interfering with a police service … Read more.

Jacksonville Police Department officials said they’ve had their current K9 officer for about four years. Now the dog’s will to work may force his retirement sooner than expected. In and out of his patrol car has become a tiring task for K9 officer Mac. Read more.

After 14 weeks of training, four new police dogs and their handlers graduated Friday morning … Sicaria, the Belgian Malinois, was the first female K9 to go on patrol in Cincinnati. There have been other female K9s that sniffed out drugs. Read more.

“We started (patrolling) July 1, as soon he graduated,” Balzer said, “As soon as we got certified from Vohne Liche, he’s certified to patrol … police dogs are valuable to the community and the prosecutor’s office is pleased to help departments get a K9. Read more.