Patrol Dog

if the dog exhibits abnormal behavior, to notify the local health department. Racine Police K-9 officer David Arvai supported the change. Racine Police K-9s are not only trained in narcotics and weapon detection, and tracking searches but apprehension as … Link.

More than eight years of tracking, sniffing and searching is enough for Nico, a Johns Creek Police K-9 dog who was retired from service last week by the department. Nico, a 10-year-old German Shepherd, retired June 15 and was recognized for his service … Link.

An all-day partnership Those three roles shift during the day, each police dog going from a trainee to a coworker and then a pet as situations escalate and when the work is over. K-9 officers spend more time with their dogs than their families, Hoy tells … Link.

While the Medicine Hat Police Service does employ three service dogs in its K9 Unit, it is also the workplace for one victim service dog. Mulder, a three-year-old lab, has been working with the MHPS’s Victim Assistance Unit for a little over a year … Link.

“The Fairfield Police K-9 Unit is run solely on donations and the Norwalk K-9 Unit has a small budget,” said Gabriele “Increasing their budgets will allow for increasing the number of dogs in the unit and helping to increase the safety of our community. Link.

MADISON, Wis. – After more than 10 years of service, University of Wisconsin police are saying goodbye to K9 Casey. K9 Casey is UWPD’s narcotics dog, and she’s been on countless calls and has met thousands of people in the community, according to a release. Link.

A Lake County K-9 unit then responded to the scene and began tracking the subject, Murchek said. The police dog found several personal belongings, including a cellphone and a shoe, that helped track Matthews, who reportedly had jumped over a fence … Link.