Patrol Dog

Lee is a dog lover. Doing her own research, she called 65 law agencies in Georgia and found only 13 of them had a K9 officer. Many of the police dogs like Belgian Malinois and Czech Shepherds are shipped from overseas. Add that cost to the cost of training … Link.

“He’s pretty social for a police working dog but he is a puppy so I’m still dealing with the puppy stage,” Woodruff said. “He cannot sit still.” Kastor replaces Viper, the dog with which Woodruff worked for five years until an illness led to the K-9 … Link.

Izy is the newest K-9 addition to the Walnut Creek Police Department, on the night watch for the past four weeks. Her predecessor Sheyna retired in March. The doe-eyed working dog has since located suspects who had broken into a building, tracking the … Link.

Cadiz Police Officer, C.J. Byers and his K-9 Officer, Ramos attended for the first time and did … silvers into gold but just missed out while giving credit to the other dogs who participated. “They were all very good dogs,” he said of the competition. Link.