Former K-9 police officer charged with animal cruelty in Montgomery County

BISCOE, N.C. — A former Biscoe K-9 officer and newly appointed fire chief faces a charge of animal cruelty after adopting the K-9 unit he handled, according to the Montgomery Herald.

Michael Barrington purchased the dog from the Town of Biscoe for $1 when he resigned from his position as a K-9 officer.

Biscoe Pet Hospital staff reported that Barrington allegedly neglected the dog he handled as a K-9 officer, according to the Montgomery Herald.

This case could affect Barrington’s prayer for judgment related to a previous assault case which required that he stay out of criminal/legal trouble for two years.

Barrington was charged in December 2016 with assault on a female for kicking an intoxicated, combative woman in the head while on duty a year earlier, the Montgomery Herald reported.

After District court found Barrington guilty of the assault, he appealed.  Superior Court then granted Barrington’s prayer for judgment, meaning that he admits guilt, but the offense is not entered against him.

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