Inspired by Vermont K-9, sick Texas boy makes new friend

El Paso, Texas -

A Texas boy who loved the sight of a Vermont State Police K-9 now has his own dog.

The quick quirk of a Vermont State Police K-9 leads to comfort, and now a companion for a boy in need.

This is Tristan, a boy who fell in love with a dog. 

This is Max, a former K-9 unit dog for the Vermont State Troopers. 

“The first time we saw a Max video was when Tristan was in the hospital,” said Monica Stiller, Tristan’s Mom. Still says Tristan has a condition.  “He was supposed to be admitted to start a diet, but he was admitted before because he had like a 20 minute seizure.” 

Tristan suffers from seizures and found comfort in Max. “We were on Facebook and that video showed up, and I showed it to him and like it was a complete change. He went from being sad and upset, to this like super happy laughing baby,” Stiller said. 

“I had a video of Max chasing a water hose,” said Nick Arlington, a former Vermont State Trooper, and Max’s owner

Stiller sent Arlington the video of Tristan watching Max. “Yeah, she told me has autism with seizures and I ended up asking her if he had a service dog or not,” Arlington said.

Arlington and Max helped Stiller raise $10,000 in order for Tristan to get his own service dog. “We were literally on the other side of the U.S. I just never imagined somebody would be this kind,” Stiller said.

Stiller drove all the way to Colorado Springs and back to get her son’s new best friend — Mooshu. 

A new friend, and a new life for Tristan. 

“He’s a very good protector, and as soon as he sees Tristan on the floor he like runs to see if he’s okay,” Stiller said. “He calms down much faster now that Mooshu’s around.” 

But that’s not all who’s around. “I never actually met Monica or Tristan in real life. I figured that now that I live in Florida it’s only a 24 hour drive,” Arlington said.

“It’s awesome. We actually get to meet the person who potentially saved my son’s life,” Stiller said. 

“Just to see the happiness that Mooshu brings him is incredible — that’s what it’s about,” Arlington said. 

Lives changed by dogs. Bonds made from friendships. “I made a new best friend basically,” Arlington said.  “You can’t not fall in love with him when you see him laughing like that.” 

By Tomas Hoppough — KFOX14

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