“During the search Josie, the police dog, was exposed to suspected fentanyl heroin. Detectives had to administer doses of Narcan to the dog, actions of the above subject resulted in the injuries of the K-9,” Judge Sean Delahanty said. In addition to the … Link.

A K-9 named Josie was exposed to fentanyl heroin that was not packaged and laying loose within the location, police said. In a press release, LMPD Spokesperson Vadim Dale said Josie was rushed to the hospital and stabilized. The dog was given three doses … Link.

Beebs and Elvis are on the case. The two young dogs are the newest members of the Worcester Police Department’s four-legged patrol team. The K-9 Unit now boasts four dogs. The two Malinois dogs did their thing Friday afternoon for a small gathering of … Link.