… and Public Protection Connecticut State Police announced that their K-9 German Shepherd Brutus will now have his own protective vest. He’s the fourth state police dog to receive body armor. Each vest can weigh up to about five pounds and is valued … Link.

Officers are excited to have a K-9 program back for the community. “We had a K-9 10 years ago or nine years ago,” he said. Sgt. Terry Green had three police dogs over time and Zoe was her last one. Wood said “what we’re emphasizing is getting more safety … Link.

Her husband, Mike Napier, is a lieutenant with the police department and on the department’s SWAT team. They were both promoted to their respective positions in June. Mosier-Napier said Sam is her second K9, with a 10-year-old retired dog at home that she … Link.

the department would borrow dogs from other local agencies when necessary. Christol told commissioners that the department requested the use of K9 officers from the Chattanooga Police Department and Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office 41 times in 2016. Link.

Lieutenant Mike Biondi, a 24-year veteran with DCSO, heads up the K-9 unit. “Our dogs are from Europe,” Biondi told The Nugget. “They’re bred there for police work.” Each new dog goes through months of training before he is ready to be sent over here for … Link.