COPS Director Bernard Melekian, a former Pasadena, California police chief and K-9 officer, wrote in the preface to the report that the number of dogs killed by law enforcement is on the rise and that “officers must advance beyond automatically using … Link.

K-9 Rambo retired after nine years of service with the Fayetteville police department. The ceremony took place at New Century Elementary School. Rambo has been used in more than one thousand police investigations. He’s recovered nearly $60,000 worth of … Link.

Werner is one of the top truck load carriers in the United States. The money will go to the Police Service Dog Division. The dog teams are trained to sniff out drugs and help with patrol work. Congressman Steve King talks to KTIV about issues in the … Link.

K9 Eddy served the Dells police — as well as other departments across the region in need of four-legged help — for almost six years. In addition to procuring and training a new dog, the department hopes to add a new K9-dedicated squad car to the mix … Link.

Earlier this year, San Ramon police introduced Blix, who is the department’s “best looking officer,” and in January, the Pleasanton Police Department debuted their eighteenth police dog, who understands French. Link.

When Fitz was sworn in at City Hall in January, Falls Church welcomed its first police dog in six years. Due to budget constraints, the department relied on Fairfax or Arlington County to provide assistance in cases that called for a K9. While Falls Church … Link.