The South Lake Tahoe Police Department Canine Unit will be hosting the 9th annual K9 Trials on Saturday, September 10. The all day event gets underway at 9:00 a.m. The patrol dog competition will be held at Lakeview Commons at El Dorado Beach starting with … Link.

TUCSON – The death of a police dog during a hiker search is reminding crews the dangers of rescue operations. A Kingman Police Department K9 died over the weekend. Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos said no department dogs are used in hiker rescues … Link.

The program is open to dogs actively employed in the U.S. with law enforcement or related agencies who are certified and at least 20 months of age. New K9 graduates, as well as K9s with expired vests, are eligible to participate. The donation to provide … Link.

“I said it’s now or never and got on my knees on the seat and reached into the back and grabbed the dog’s collar and his scruff and pulled him out. I was a K9 officer and I love animals, and I didn’t want to see him burn to death.” Link.