“It’s kind of incredible, it’s hard to describe what it’s like when you work with an animal and you connect with them,” said Clovis Police Officer Phil Macy. The officer worked with two service dogs before the K9 unit closed back in 2011 and said since … Link.

he’s turning 13 and is retiring from the police force. Gage joined the force in September 2005, his handler, Elgin Officer Marshall Kite said. The German Wirehaired Pointer is a hunting dog, a breed that also makes a good K9, he said. K9 officers typically … Link.

Police quickly contained the area … and brought in the k-9 unit. The police dog found the suspects hiding under a large tree. A 46 year old Kingston man is charged with break and enter and possession of tools. A 23 year old man, also from Kingston … Link.

Dogs have been doing police work and working as K-9 officers for many years. Some breeds have been revered for their hard work protecting their handlers and civilians. There are quite a few dog breeds often trained for police work that stand out as the … Link.