Not all dogs are equal. K9 Magazine’s very own Danny is very adaptable, whereas Christopher the Rottweiler has a very sensitive stomach. Does this mean the transition process should vary? In short, yes. There are things you can do to make the process … Link.

Officer Jodi Sautter says he’s not your average K9 officer. “All of the guys kind of make fun of him because he’s just sweet, but when it’s go time he knows he’s going to work. He has a whole nother drive. They’re very high drive dogs and it takes a lot to … Link.

An Atwater police dog called Boss took down a fleeing hit-and-run suspect, Atwater police reported Tuesday. Police were investigating a hit-and-run around 8:50 p.m. Monday near Atwater Boulevard and First Street, officers said. The suspect left the scene … Link.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — They work like dogs, now they have a place to rest. Three K9’s with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s department, and one with the Norristown police, got some high-tech dog beds. “Large dogs are prone to conditions like hip … Link.