Wisconsin police on Wednesday released body camera footage that captured the moment a suspect allegedly bit a K-9 dog, WITI reported. Leland O’Malley, 44, of Burlington, is facing misdemeanor charges in connection with the Monday incident, including two … Link.

CISD Police said this week that their application to supply their K9 unit, Coco, with a bullet and stab protective … helps supply police departments with materials for departmental dogs. CISD Officer Dave Contreras said that he applied to receive the … Link.

A Wisconsin man is accused of trying to bite a K9 police dog. Leland Christopher O’Malley, 44, is facing charges of striking/shoving/kicking a police animal, resisting and disorderly conduct. A 23-year-old man who is suspected of terrorizing Texas … Link.

DMPS is in the process of improving its K9 unit and enhancing its operational capacity for the fight against crime. The Durban Metropolitan Police Services (DMPS) is calling for donations of suitable dogs to increase the operational capacity of its K9 unit. Link.

“We’ve got little dogs, but they’re fierce and mighty,” Stephens said. But since she didn’t know if the woman was armed, she waited for police to bring their K9. It turns out the woman had been a passenger in a stolen car that had been involved in a pursuit. Link.

Ashdown, Ark., Police Department accepted a narcotic-detecting K-9 dog into the department March 12. “The K-9 dog, whose name is ‘ROLO,’ will be used to fight the war on drugs in Ashdown as well as assisting surrounding agencies as requested,” Ashdown … Link.