… a search of their San Jose home earlier this month ended with an 18-month-old child bitten by a police dog. Little Arabella was on the couch when the K-9, who was helping to locate a wanted felon, bit then dragged her to the floor. The toddler was … Link.

“These dogs are used for a lot of things. Drug searches, search for criminals, missing people missing children,” says Bade. The metro Police Agency is now hosting a fundraiser to offset that cost for the K9, but they need your help to make it happen. Link.

Chicopee Police public information officer, said. “One of the victims tried to confront the suspect and he turned and raised a handgun at her then turned and fled,” Wilk said. K-9 Officer Joseph Bunnelle and his dog Pako arrived with other responding … Link.

Dixie, who performed perfectly that day, isn’t just the newest Racine K-9 officer; she’s also the model for where the Police Department is headed in how it will acquire and train its dogs. Both functions are coming in-house — and Dixie, Beal’s own … Link.