After all, some say all men are dogs, and even some men are named after dogs, like Akpos Buhari is a name that instills fear in the hearts of many Nigerians and perhaps that is why the trader chose to name his dog as Buhari, so that it will be feared in … Link.

The Board of Selectmen, during a special meeting Aug. 8 at town hall, accepted 12 gifts to the K9 fund. Blue Buffalo Company LTD, the pet food company based in Wilton, donated $10,000. This is significant because the company also provides dog food for the … Link.

but he also had his own K9 give me a demonstration on obedience and on finding things in a large area by sniffing them out–something the dog might do on the job to find a hidden weapon, for example. I was delighted! And amazed, although I knew how well … Link.

SAPD Canines Duke, Xander Sniff out Narcotics during Weekend Traffic Stops Two San Angelo residents were arrested on narcotics charges over the weekend thanks to two SAPD Police Services Dogs. 22-year … Paraphernalia after K9 Duke alerted his handler … Link.

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The dog will be considered multi-purpose or trained to handle multiple … which will be donated to Herrin Police Department’s K9 Program. Fin and Feather Club, a fishing and hunting club near Freeman Spur, will cook and sell ribs, with the proceeds … Link.