Typically the owners of a dog are automatically liable for bites caused by their pet. The exception is for police departments engaged in the lawful use of a K9. Tumwater Officer Bryent Finch was searching for a burglary suspect in the shuttered Olympia … Link.

Recognizing subtle changes in the dog’s behavior improves tracking success and helps ensure the safety of the K-9 and handler, especially as the tracking gets close to the subject. Ten Massachusetts State Police K9 teams successfully completed the … Link.

Blaze, a search and rescue K9 for the office, died in his sleep over … adding that his office and the New Jersey State Police are the only departments with search and rescue dogs in the county. Strada said his office will honor Blaze, but it has yet … Link.

A Boy Scout from Rochester has designed a unique way for dogs to detect drugs – and now the Greece police are using it. Meet Chip. He’s the newest addition to the K9 unit for the Greece Police Department. Chip is trained to sniff around for illegal drugs … Link.

After speaking with Officer Jeff Phillips, Trabold decided to build a scent wall and odor detection boxes for the police K9 unit. Scent walls and odor detection boxes keep the dogs narcotic recognition skills sharp and reinforce their odor detection abilities. Link.