The officer repeated the command but the man was slow to respond, police said. An officer released a K9 to apprehend the man, and the dog made contact with the person who then fell to the ground, police said. Police said officers told the man to keep his … Link.

With the help of K-9 police dog Aero of the Anderson Police Department, a 56-year old man that lead officers on a chase through Cottonwood Friday night was arrested. Harold Brown of Cottonwood failed to yield after an officer attempted to stop him around … Link.

Getting another dog now, allows the department to be prepared for that eventuality. “Having Many has been great, but he is limited to working one shift a day for half of the week, leaving a large gap in coverage without a K-9 on duty,” Police Chief … Link.

HERMITAGE – Hermitage Police Chief Eric Jewell has city commissioners’ blessing to start a K9 unit and their pledge to pay maintenance costs once it is up and running. Now, he just needs to set the policies and procedures governing the use of a dog and … Link.