PORTAGE, MI – Portage’s newest police officer does not make the sign of the Z or wear a mask, but he’s pretty good at sniffing out crime. Meet Zorro, the new Portage police division K-9 dog teamed with Officer Jordan Wentworth. The black German shepherd … Link.

… Department is hoping North Texans will vote for one of its K9 friends in a national contest. The police department said 11-year-old Luca is a candidate for the American Humane Hero Dog Awards’ “Search and Rescue” title. He is a retired SAR dog … Link.

A fifth-grade class in Lilburn built a doghouse for the city’s newest K-9 officer. Ajax, a 1-year-old Belgian Malinois … presented Ajanovic with their final product Tuesday afternoon. The Lilburn Police Department thanked the fifth grade class for … Link.

Which is why it’s absolutely essential that police departments protect their working dogs with pet insurance. And why Chris and I decided to get Petplan involved. Pawing It Forward K9 officers provide protection, loyalty, and unwavering support — and … Link.

Police say it appears the dogs did not have food or water and may have been hungry … The school received the bomb threat around 11:15 a.m. A bomb-sniffing K-9 from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has been called to the school. There are no indications … Link.

“We feel it is an excellent use of the very capable resources of the police officer and police dog,” While the expense of operating a K9 unit was a primary concern for city of La Salle officials, it wasn’t the sole concern. Grove said the increased … Link.