Dogs have been doing police work and working as K-9 officers for many years. Some breeds have been revered for their hard work protecting their handlers and civilians. There are quite a few dog breeds often trained for police work that stand out as the … Link.

for their police dog that died on Saturday from injuries sustained after being hit by a car. A remembrance service for Nero, one of the department’s K-9 officers, will be held at 4 p.m. at NorthPointe Church at 30 Orchard Road in Adairsville. Link.

When the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) insisted on getting a statement from Officer PC Peach of the West Midlands Police Department (because of an altercation he had with a criminal), they probably didn’t realize that PC Peach was, in fact, a K9 police … Link.

That’s why the Pulaski Police Department has began fundraising for a new K9 officer, this time saving up for an all-purpose policing dog, that can work in a variety of situations. “For example, this situation in Wausau. If the guy would have ran on foot … Link.