When Cambridge Police Officer Peter Neal retires next month, he wants his police dog partner of the last three years, Rumba, to retire and come home with him. The Cambridge Police Department has other plans for the crime-fighting canine, saying Rumba is a … Link.

Chicago Police honored K-9 Rachel, an explosive detection dog who worked 10 years with the department, with a last call on their radio channel. Rachel worked with Officer Charles Kocanda and was trained by the Transportation Security Administration … Link.

Jax lives with Officer Shilling. But the K-9 must live outside in a kennel because he is a working dog. “You can’t put the two together,” said Officer Shilling, defining the difference between a police dog and a pet. “You can’t bring them into … Link.

While serving on the Seymour Police Department, K9 Koa could be a criminal’s worst nightmare. But for his handler, former officer Ian McPherson, the German shepherd was his work partner and best friend. After Koa’s retirement in 2010, the dog remained … Link.

20–A dispatcher on the Chicago Police Department radio channel used to request K-9 units held the air Sunday morning and asked … Then he heard they were asking for the dog by name. Kocanda worked with Rachel for 10 years. She was trained to detect … Link.

The Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department swore in their new K9 Deputy, Diesel … Prather organized a project to raise money for the purchase of a new dog for the Columbus Police Department. Prather was a student at North High School at the time … Link.