As soon as Benni barged into the police department he made a beeline for his new handler, K9 officer Danny Turner, and almost knocked him over. Turner had already met Benni previously. “I’m really excited to have a young dog that is eager to work … Link.

After White left, the mother called police. After police arrived, a K-9 dog led officers to a nearby home, where he targeted an abandoned Cadillac with a broken out windshield in the driveway, court records show. The dog reportedly caught a scent and … Link.

That’s why officers are taking extra precautions to protect police dogs from exposure. Take, for instance, Mercy. She’s a narcotics detection K9 with the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office. When someone is suspected of carrying or transporting … Link.

“The dog could die if we don’t use this and get to the vet immediately,” explained Sgt. Pat Silva who heads up the K-9 Unit. The State Police are the first department in Massachusetts to require K-9 officers to carry the injectable version of the dru Link.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Police dogs are tasked with sticking their noses in all sorts of places — but what happens when a K-9 finds drugs like heroin or fentanyl and accidentally inhales a large dose? “Just a minute amount that touches our skin can affect us … Link.