Before that, he worked as an officer with the Statesboro Police Department. Dutch is cross-trained in drug searches, tracking, patrol actions and will “complement K9 Gismo, who is also trained as a multipurpose dog,” Bulloch County Sheriff Noel Brown … Link.

specifically the K9 Unit. Their goal was to raise enough money to purchase a bulletproof vest for a police dog. Excited about reaching their goal, club members presented the $1,500 check to Officer David Wright and his police dog, Officer Dax. The gift was … Link.

His name is Gavel and he was supposed to serve Queensland, Australia as a police dog. Turns out, he preferred licking strangers to restraining them; he got kicked out of the K9 training program. But Gov. Paul de Jersey decided to give the puppy he had … Link.

Norman currently has four K-9 teams with dogs purchased from various regional breeders and … “Ben was certified by Captain Rick Greenland with the Shawnee Police Department,” Settle said via email on Sunday. “I have never even met Captain Greenland. Link.

After 35 dog years on the police force, K-9 Niki is being forced into an early retirement. While her last official day with the Holland Department of Public Safety is Sunday, June 11, Niki has been unable to perform her full duties due to medical issues … Link.

Settle is a Cleveland County Deputy and the K-9 Supervisor for the sheriff’s office … Settle said he bought the dog from Peter Vadj, a fellow competitor and police dog trainer in the Czech Republic. “I looked at videos and thought he had a lot of … Link.