PUNTA GORDA, Fla– The Punta Gorda Police Department wants to make changes to the … This plan would call for doubling the current K9 unit to include 2 dogs and 2 handlers. PGPD said these changes would help with public perception, especially … Link.

Keizer K-9 dogs to get donated body armor Thanks to donors, Keizer police K-9 dogs will soon be able to respond to searches, shootings and manhunts while wearing body armor. Check out this story on statesmanjournal.com: http://stjr.nl/2h7H1k9 Link.

Mohlala said the dog will then be quarantined for 21 days and thereafter be socialised and subjected to a pre-training programme and assessed by a panel of experts to determine suitability for police K9 training purposes. Trained dogs will be deployed … Link.

Pretoria: The South African Police Service (SAPS) is urging the public and private enterprises to donate suitable dogs to the SAPS to increase the operational K9 capacity in the SAPS. The SAPS is in a process to improve the K9 capacity of the SAPS … Link.

Police from the K-9 team, assisted by criminal investigation officers, were dispatched to the scene of the incident. Police dog Johnny quickly tracked down the would-be intruder. The dog, “located the suspect in less than 10 minutes of reporting the … Link.

(KGTV) – A man was shot by police after he allegedly stabbed a K9 deputy … Deputies tried to subdue the man using non-lethal force, including a K9 deputy. The suspect then stabbed the dog in the eye and fled into nearby residential complex, the … Link.