Ater says the training class for the dog will be offered at no charge to our department. K-9 Solutions of New Carlisle has agreed to partner with the Union City Police Department and provide all of the training necessary to have a successful K-9 in our … Link.

Officer Adam Kreitzman had the previous K9, Alex, for many years … The $12,000 cost for the police dog was funded by donations from community organizations such as the Waunakee Rotary Club, the Waunakee Community Foundation and Waunakee residents. Link.

He was then transferred to the BFN K-9 unit in 1978 and worked until he retires at the … van Resnburg established dogs hospital in 2015 in Bloemfontein in which all police dogs in the Free State were brought for medical treatment and assessment. Link.

After many years of service, a K9 dog with the Department has retired. The department now has a huge void, and finding his replacement has proven difficult. Sergeant John Stringer it requires a lot of time and money. “These dogs require several hours of … Link.