Some dogs catch balls, this dog catches criminals

MOLINE, Illinois  —  K-9 officers play a critical role for law enforcement. They do jobs humans can’t do.

“They just search for fresh human odor,” Moline K-9 officer Derrick Cullison said. “She does not know what she`s searching for. She just goes, she sniffs the area for fresh human odor, and then she tells me where it`s at.”

Annie is the 4 year-old Moline Police K-9 dog. Annie uses her super smell to find drugs, guns, people, and keep Officer Cullison safe.

“A lot of times with drugs, there`s money, and with money and drugs, there`s guns,” Cullison said. “So, for Annie to help get those things off the streets and find people who are doing the crimes in our community, it’s huge.”

Officer Cullison and Annie are required to do at least 16 hours pf training every month, but Cullison says the clock many more hours.

“She does not want to be at home,” he said. “She wants to be with me, in the car, doing work.”

Annie’s training includes practicing real life scenarios, like what to do if someone is running from police. Officer Cullison says there is not anything Annie will not do for her tennis ball.

“I have a partner with me all the time,” Cullison said. ” I have somebody who is gonna protect me at all costs. She cares about me more than she cares about herself.”

Moline High School’s tennis team also helps out with Annie’s training, by donating used tennis balls.


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