Two dogs allegedly poisoned in Webster; Humane Society investigating


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Authorities are investigating the deaths of two dogs in Webster, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester confirmed Tuesday.

According to a post from K9 Orphans Incorporated, a Monroe County-based nonprofit focused on dog adoptions, two dogs, 1-year-old Hazel, a pit bull terrier mix, and 8-year-old Ubu, a Labrador mix, were poisoned by “persons unknown” on Saturday at their home on Regina Drive, near Gravel Road, in Webster.

“Another home in the neighborhood received an anonymous letter threatening the dogs in the second home,” according to K9 Orphans, which is offering a $500 for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

“We are beyond devastated,” the group said in a Facebook post. “Hazel was a K9 Orphan adopted last year.”  The Facebook post was shared more than 850 times.

Humane Society of Greater Rochester law enforcement investigators “are looking into this,” according to Ashley Zeh, associate director of communications for Lollypop Farm at the Humane Society of Greater Rochester.

She continued, “However, I can’t share anything more at this time.” Investigators didn’t reveal how the dogs died or provide any other details on the incident/

In a later Facebook post, the group stated, “K9 Orphans would like to thank you all for the support. At this time, the deaths of the 2 dogs (with one being a previous K9 Orphan) is being investigated by the Humane Society and the Police Department. We most likely will not have any more information for a couple days and we will absolutely fill you in as soon as we can.”

Those with information about the incident can contact Lollypop Farm’s Humane Law Enforcement Department at 585-223-6500.



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