Volunteers help build training course for Roanoke County Police K9s


Volunteers came out Saturday, August 1st, to build an obstacle course for Roanoke County Police K9s.

The Spikes K9 Fund organized this event so the working dogs in our area can get top notch training. These are skills the K9s need out on the job, like jumping over fences or climbing up ladders. That’s why volunteers, even ones from out of state, chose to come and help construct this course to get the dogs prepared.

“It’s incredible! And I mean, these dogs are going to get some great training,” Volunteer Leslie Williamson said.

She came from Charleston, West Virginia to work on the training course for Roanoke County Police K9s. She’s a big supporter of Spikes K9 Fund–the nonprofit that hosted Saturday’s event at the Roanoke County Police Department.

“But it’s not just for Roanoke County PD, all the surrounding municipalities can use it and it prepares them for real life scenarios, so they’ll be trained and ready every day,” Emily Grey, Director of Operations for the Spikes K9 Fund, said.

Volunteers came from all over to help construct an the obstacle course. The dogs didn’t always get through the course their first time. But with a little practice, they made it through.

“To watch the dogs go over the hurdles and go through the tires and different things, it’s something that people have never seen before, so we like to demonstrate it for everybody,” Grey said.

And the K9s also showed the crowd some other cool tricks.

“This is the perfect opportunity for everyone to come together, the community to come together, for something good.,” Grey said.

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