Wendover K-9 caught trying to break free from police station

WENDOVER — Police in Wendover have solved a mystery: They now know how K-9 officer Ace kept getting out of the locked area in the police station.

Apparently, Ace doesn’t understand that when something gets sent to the “crime lab,” that doesn’t mean he’s required to leave the building.

Ace is one of three dogs in Wendover Police Department’s K-9 unit and is trained in narcotics detection. However, department spokesman Ken Quirk says he’s “the life of the party.”

“Everybody loves him. He’s a sweetheart to everybody,” said Quirk. “He brings a lot of life to the office; never a dull moment with Ace around.”

And Ace loves being with everyone so much that he refuses to be alone.

On Friday, police posted a picture of Ace trying to squeeze out of the office reception window. “We were wondering how he kept getting out. Pretty sneaky,” the post reads.

“(His handler) had left him in the office to go outside to his car, and Ace hates being left alone,” said Quirk. “He jostles that window with his little nose, and he was out. He was coming to join us.”

Quirk said that the reception window is typically left open about 6 inches for people to ring a bell on the inside. No one knows how the 2-year-old black lab learned how to open the window or how long he’d been making escapes.

“Now we will keep it to 3 inches because of Mr. Houdini Ace,” said Quirk.

Hopefully, that means no more sneak-outs for this K-9.


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