The West Shore Regional Police Department announced Wednesday the addition of their newest Officer: a K9 named Maximus Winston. The dog began training on Monday, according to a news release from the department. He will be teamed up with Officer Christopher … Link.

Arnold ultimately went into K9 because of his love of animals. “It’s love of animals and just having a partner. A lot of the police work by themselves … There’s nothing like the camaraderie of having a pet,” he said. While the rest of his dogs tend … Link.

Folks with the First-In-K9 showcased their new canine deployment system, a harness and pulley system for lifting dogs into attics for finding suspects or drugs. Eddie Wescott, a police officer from Jeffersontown, Ky., helped develop the product with … Link.

This week, 65 dogs from across the state are in Isle of Wight getting their certification. “Some places have small departments with only one or two handlers,” says Officer Jim Duncan, a K9 handler with Chesapeake Police. “They get to come out here … Link.

K9 Unit Bragi, to his department. Bragi was purchased by Ripley Police Corporal Corey Herren who handled all the dogs training for the past few months. He donated the dogs services to the Village of Ripley during a May 24 Village Council meeting. Link.