As Waupun Police Chief Dale Heeringa considers the possibility of Yako’s performance starting to decline as well as the health issues that may arise in an aging dog, the department has taken the initiative to start fundraising for the K9 program. Link.

K9 Cort, a certified narcotics detection canine as well as a patrol trafficking dog, will receive a bullet and stab protective vest, according to an Erie County Sheriff’s Office news release. Funds for the vest, which usually value between $1,795 – $2,234 … Link.

The DOC also is examining the purchase of extreme weather alarm equipment for K9 vehicles. On July 7, 2016, Totti, a member of the Drug Interdiction Unit team, was left unattended in a hot vehicle for three hours. The two-year-old dog was unconscious but … Link.

Officer Jodi Sautter says he’s not your average K9 officer. “All of the guys kind of make fun of him because he’s just sweet, but when it’s go time he knows he’s going to work. He has a whole nother drive. They’re very high drive dogs and it takes a lot to … Link.

An Atwater police dog called Boss took down a fleeing hit-and-run suspect, Atwater police reported Tuesday. Police were investigating a hit-and-run around 8:50 p.m. Monday near Atwater Boulevard and First Street, officers said. The suspect left the scene … Link.