The two newest police service dogs – PSD Myke and PSD Robby – will soon be graduating after completing the 16-week K9 training program in Lethbridge. The dogs were trained in tracking, obedience, agility, building searches, compound/area searches … Link.

The Norwell Police Department wants a dog. The department hasn’t had a K-9 unit for decades, borrowing the services of neighboring communities’ police dogs when one is needed — something that happens about three times a month, according to Police … Link.

Police K9 units from all over Florida competed during the week in five phases of certification: obedience, agility, suspect search, article search and criminal apprehension. Obedience demonstrates the dog staying close to the handler or obeying commands at … Link.

VASSALBORO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – An elite group of dogs work with police all over Maine to keep you and your family safe. The Maine State Police K9 Unit is made up of 25 certified teams that each go through extensive training. “When we hit the streets … Link.

The department announced the arrival of K9 officer Zeus on Facebook on Thursday … The two are now certified through the International Police Work Dog Association with specialties in obedience, tracking, evidence/article searching and narcotics. Link.